Get Release 2.1.4 Today!

At Rivet Apps, we keep trying to make our apps better. We're glad our customers aren't bashful. They speak their minds, and we heard you clearly. The 2.0 apps have what you asked for. Landscape mode for iPads, more shortcuts to speed up expense entry and accelerators to capture receipts and put them where needed quickly.

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Focus on the Important Stuff

Go! Expense Pro is intuitive, so there's no learning curve. Just start using it.

You can quickly capture receipt images, and track expenses with just a few touches.

Sell your product, make the next deal, or hire the next superstar employee - just don’t waste time on expense reports.

Start using Go! Expense Pro today.

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The update for iOS 8 is here!

With the iPhone 6 and loads of new features in iOS 8, many people are moving quickly to these exciting new Apple offerings. Here at Rivet Apps, we made new releases of Go! Expense Pro and Go! Expense to support iOS 8 and the new screen dimensions. They are now available in the AppStore.

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Be mobile, but connected

Business is where you are, but it's also back in your office.

Enter expenses when they happen quickly and easily.

Then export your expense information to Microsoft Excel, CSV, QuickBooks, and PDF formats using Go! Expense Pro.

Your accountant or your staff can work with your expenses while you work your next opportunity.

A universal app that will run on your iPad and iPhone.

  • Go! Expense Pro - $4.99
  • Go! Expense - free