Go! Expense Pro 3.0 is here!

Take control of your expenses today.

Your business isn’t behind a desk. And you need flexible, easy to use solutions that can grow with you and your business.


Enjoy the complimentary Freelook subscription for 30 days


Quickly capture and attach receipt images to an expense


Securely store your data in the cloud and sync between two devices


Create, email or print expense reports

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"I travel 18 out of 20 workdays both domestically and overseas. For over 30 years ... no matter how diligent I tried to be ... I left a lot of potentially reimbursable expenses on the table. Early this year I started using Go! Expense Pro and this bad habit came to an end. The app is perfect with a logical work flow and interface allowing me to capture expenses as they occur and image the receipts at the same time. My company is also in the mobile app business and I know a winner when I use one. ... The Rivet team is great!"

About 3.0

What can Go! Expense Pro 3.0 do for you?
Our largest, most impactful release yet
  • Including login authentication

  • Choose your level of service and features

  • Securely store your data in the cloud and sync between two devices

  • Auto-crop receipts while snapping the picture

All the buzz about the cloud

Rivet Apps has invested in a secure cloud foundation to protect your data and enable us to provide even better service and reliability to you. If you lose or upgrade a device, you can regain your Go! Expense Pro data quickly as long as you are using the Cloud Sync subscription.
Go! Expense Pro cloud


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