January 2, 2013


Our mission and vision

Rivet Apps was started with a belief that needs weren’t being met.  A belief that business owners, business managers and professionals needed better solutions and better options to help them be successful.  We recognized that the marketplace offered solutions, but those solutions fell short of expectations in many ways.

Business is changing.  It is more mobile even though technology has dramatically improved communications.  Business is less forgiving because competition has never been stronger.  And business is relentless in its pace – it has never been faster.

Mobile solutions from Rivet Apps gives you the flexibility you need to run your business when and where how you want.  With minimum effort, you can easily to integrate your mobile information with backoffice functions.  You can keep pace, or step up the pace, now that you have the best solutions on the market.

If you own the business, you can set the standard that everyone uses.  If you work for someone smart, they will appreciate the PDF formatted reports with receipt images that show how carefully you manage your expenses for the company.

Rivet Apps is about flexibility, control, freedom, and efficiency.   Lots of companies build software products.  Only Rivet Apps designs and builds the solutions your business deserves.

Rivet Apps keeps your business connected.

How we build our products

We follow a few design principles that guide us to produce the best products we can:

Simple with Purpose – It starts with design

Clean and Clear – Users never learn the app, they just know it

Flexible with Controls – Adapts to your business

Connected and Ready – Anywhere, Anytime

Quality – is first in every new release

Plus – Affordable, Integrated, Collaborative

What we stand for

We value integrity. We believe that honesty, integrity and ethics are the pillars of modern business, and we won’t run our business by any other values.

We value small business, their work ethic, their ingenuity, their contribution to the country and the economy.

Rivet Apps was founded by people with decades of experience in for-profit enterprises. That experience and insight is now solving business problems with mobile solutions.