December 12, 2015

Logo Tips

File Locations
Save the images you want to use to a cloud storage provider you have an app for and access to on your device or to the Photos app on your device.

iCloud  Dropbox  Untitled  box  Photos

File Type
Image files you upload should be in .PNG format, which preserves transparent backgrounds.

Image Background
Be aware of the difference between a white background and a transparent background in your images.  If possible, choose images that have a transparent background for a better look.


Image Sizes
There are two image sizes you should upload for your logos.  Large is 1000 x 1000 pixels and Small is 333 x 333 pixels.


The large logo image is for such things as a PDF report letterhead or emails.  The small logo image is for branding within the app itself.  

If your logo is a rectangle, make the larger of the width/height the maximum size.  For example, if you have a wide logo, the large logo image uploaded should be 1000 pixels wide.


Conversely, if you have a tall logo, the height of the image uploaded should be 1000 pixels tall.


Make every attempt to upload the recommended image size for each file. 


Images that vary from the recommended size may become blurred when resized within the app.



Need Help?
Do you have a logo but you aren’t sure how to upload it, resize it, create transparent backgrounds, etc?  Let us know ( ) and we’d be happy to help produce the files you need for your team’s branding within the app.