September 12, 2015

New and Powerful Subscriptions


Go! Expense Pro is a subscription-based app.  This allows you to choose your desired level of service and enjoy the benefits of that service until it expires. Renewing your service is just a tap away.  And you can upgrade services any time.  All unused subscription time is applied to the upgrade purchase.

Simply tap the subscription you want to renew or upgrade to and you will prompted through the Apple In-App purchase process.  Your new subscription will be added to your current one.

Once a subscription expires you have 14 days to renew or upgrade or your data will be removed from the cloud.

The following are available subscriptions…


This is your complimentary subscription when you start using the app.  You can explore all the features of the “Pro” subscription at no cost.  When you upgrade to a paid subscription the data you entered will come along with you.  As a bonus, your unused Freelook time will be applied to your Pro subscription when you upgrade.


This subscription offers the full set of features you need for mobile expense management: expense report entry, receipt image capture, categories and companies to organize your receipt information, which can be produced as a PDF report. Also, Pro includes analysis features and the ability to export your expense data to Quickbooks, Excel/Numbers.  Pro does not include cloud-related functionality.  Your data is kept on your device just like previous versions of the app.


This subscription is where Go! Expense Pro 3.0 shines.  We securely store your data in the cloud so that you will never lose it when replacing a lost/stolen/damaged device or when upgrading to a new device.  Having the cloud also enables you to sync all your expense data between two devices.  All of the powerful features of the Pro subscription, plus the power, flexibility and security of the cloud.