July 25, 2013

QuickBooks Mapping

What you need to know to get the Go! Expense export to QuickBooks (QB) working quickly.


  1. Mappings between Go! Expense and QB are based on Payment Types to keep cash accounting aligned, but you can change entries after import to QB if needed.
  2. In Go! Expense, QB mappings can be accessed from the new Export screen, and QB accounts can be accessed from the QB Mappings screen.
    export mapping
  3. A comparison of your existing QB accounts and the Go! Expense QB mappings will help you determine if mapping changes are needed.
  4. A Debit or Credit account for each map can be changed by tapping their name and selecting from a list of QB accounts.
  5. If you need to add additional QB accounts, names must be entered PRECISELY into the Go! Expense QB Accounts screen, including upper/lowercase.
    QB Accts Add
  6. The export file will automatically setup any new QB accounts during the import process.
  7. After import into QB, each expense will have a memo field containing the Go! Expense expense name, report name, expense category, company name and the description you entered.
  8. All exported expenses are assigned to a default vendor, 000 Go!Expense Import, to make locating all imported expenses easy.
  9. QB allows one company per file, and one currency per file, while Go! Expense allows multiple companies and multiple currencies which means you need to manage your export with those considerations in mind.
  10. You should validate imported data in QB to ensure accuracy, and since QB does not edit duplicate importing of expense data.


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